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Local business can now sell on mobile at no cost

With 2.3 billion smartphones in use today⁴, customers will tap, touch, swipe and click their phones 2,617 times a day⁵. Research also shows that people spend 90% of their mobile time using apps⁶.  It is therefore critical for businesses to be accessible to their customers through their mobile devices. Often this requires costly websites that […]

M-Commerce and What It Means For The Consumer

The world is currently experiencing a seismic shift in technology with the consumer-driven movement towards mobile becoming more and more apparent. The constant flow of live information as well as the vital factor of accessibility means that mobile is the go-to platform for businesses, professionals and brands that are looking to stay with the market […]

Why Chat Find Stories are great for your Business

Businesses, markets and industries have changed significantly over the annuals of time, but at the core there is one thing that has remained constant. This golden thread is that people do business with people. Businesses are not merely made up of bottom-lines, transactions and buying and selling. Businesses are much more than that. They are […]

Why Chat Find is the Best App for Deals

  We at Chat Find believe that we have the best platform for offering Deals. We understand that specials and discounts are important for both businesses and consumers. With markets being incredibly competitive, a good deal allows businesses to stand out and attract people, as well as build relationships with customers. People also win big […]