Smart Search: A New Way to Explore

The world around us is a diverse and interesting place, full of opportunity to explore and prospects to chase. Chat Find is essentially a microcosm of the world with businesses and people offering hundreds of different products, services and bites of information. To make sense of all of this, and to allow users to find exactly what they are looking for, we have launched the revolutionary Smart Search.

Smart Search brings intelligent search functionality that allows you to find anything and everything, with all results being shown relevant to your location. For the first time in an app, you are able to search for a combination of multiple keywords, meaning you can get extremely specific results.

Tags, Tags, Tags!

This is complimented by Chat Find’s unique tag technology, which allows everything to be searchable. Imagine being able to easily find the closest food truck in your city that sells both cheese-burgers and coffee, and is running a deal on both? With Smart Search this is a reality, and will allow you to use your mobile to find the most relevant interest points around you.

Big for Business!

As a business, you can now make posts about everything in your store or about your business offering. Adding detailed tags to these posts means that people will always be able to find your posts no matter how old the posts are. Keep this in mind, as posts will disappear from the feed after a week but can always be found on a profile or through search. They will also never disappear from the “Around Me” tab.

By adding tags to all of your product or service posts, you can create a catalogue for your business. Building this catalogue means you will have a shopping platform that you set up for free which is accessible to thousands of mobile users. The more you post, the more you will be found by people searching for your services.

Get Exploring

Smart Search will bring an unprecedented level of relevancy to your search. Finding particular products, services, businesses and professionals has never been more effective. Get exploring on Chat Find to locate exactly what you are looking for!

Millennials are Loving Chat Find

Young people get through every day with the help of apps and technology. From weather to events to finding a Friday night date, Millennials use their phones to access all facets of life. This is not a new trend, but it is a growing trend and one that seems like it will carry for some time yet. We have noticed our app has started to attract a host of Millennials who are using the app for a number of reasons.


The greatest reason for use on our app has been Deals. With young people having less expendable income in the modern era, every buck matters and they have become expert Deal hunters. Young people love food and are unashamedly always searching for a bargain. A quick lunch or two-for-one coffee is never a bad thing. This is why we are working hard to get popular restaurants and entertainment places onto the app. The more relevant Deals we can offer, the happier our users will be. Deals are growing quickly which is one of the reasons young people are flocking to the app.


Another reason why young people are loving Chat Find, is because of the geo-location functionality. Young people want to embrace their community and know what’s happening around them. Whether that is becoming friendly with the local smoothie bar owner or knowing about local music gigs, Millennials like to connect with people and things around them. Chat Find allows people to keep their finger on the pulse and get to know what is happening in their neighborhoods. Opening the app opens a community.


Millennials are great content creators and are always keen to share their lives. We have seen many young creative people post their designs and work, as they know that people in their city will see it. Here at Chat Find, we are very happy to see this trend growing with our app! We are very happy to see young people embracing Chat Find in such a variety of ways.


Why Chat Find Stories are great for your Business

Businesses, markets and industries have changed significantly over the annuals of time, but at the core there is one thing that has remained constant. This golden thread is that people do business with people. Businesses are not merely made up of bottom-lines, transactions and buying and selling. Businesses are much more than that. They are made of personalities, of hopes and dreams and friendships. We cannot have businesses without each other.

At Chat Find we understand that the stronger the connections people can make with each other, the more successful they will be in life. Businesses are no different and we have hoped to develop a great feature for our platform. With this in mind, we have developed Chat Find Stories.

The Stories feature allows you to post things about your business or personal life that could interest people. This could be something like a picture of your staff party, one of your loyal customers or even a picture of an award that your business has won. Posting about things other than Deals and Offers means you can build your brand by giving customers a glimpse of the people behind all the hard work.

Get posting your Stories and give people insights into your daily business activities, and the people behind them. People want to see who you are and what you are all about, so get posting and start making stronger connections with your customers.

Many businesses and individuals are already making daily Stories posts and building their brand equity, but more importantly, are making great human connections.

The best way to find deals

Why Chat Find is the Best App for Deals


The best way to find dealsWe at Chat Find believe that we have the best platform for offering Deals. We understand that specials and discounts are important for both businesses and consumers. With markets being incredibly competitive, a good deal allows businesses to stand out and attract people, as well as build relationships with customers. People also win big as they can find goods and services for a fraction of the normal price. This is why we have focused on building a great Deals feature that makes every Chat Find user a winner.

Chat Find’s geo-location technology means that all Deals posted will be highly relevant to the people that see them. People opening the Deals tab in the app, will see the specials and discounts closest to them. This means that local deals are incredibly easy to find. Whether people are at home or in a different city, the closest deals will always show up at the top of their feed.

Chat Find is the best platform for business, as it is completely free and there are no administration fees. On top of that, businesses are able to curate their own content and manage their own deals on a day-to-day basis. A Deal can be uploaded within a minute with the easy-to-use interface, meaning it is easier than ever to post about your services or products on special.

We have also designed the app to make it easy for businesses and customers to connect. The Chat feature means that customers can easily communicate with businesses and enquire about Deals or product information in chat form. This consolidated approach to managing customer relationships has seen a great success rate among businesses, and a very convenient option for people in every day life.

With more and more people moving onto mobile as their primary source of connectivity, we are making sure that Chat Find is the best way to experience the world around you, and our Deals feature is no exception.