M-Commerce and What It Means For The Consumer

M-Commerce and What It Means For The Consumer

The world is currently experiencing a seismic shift in technology with the consumer-driven movement towards mobile becoming more and more apparent. The constant flow of live information as well as the vital factor of accessibility means that mobile is the go-to platform for businesses, professionals and brands that are looking to stay with the market and grow.

More than half the world’s total sales came from online sales in 2016, and a majority of these were through mobile. BI Intelligence, Business Insider’s research service, has compiled data that predicts that 45% of ecommerce will be M-Commerce by 2020, creating a $284 billion industry. This is hugely exciting news for businesses, and Chat Find has taken note!

With M-Commerce (buying & selling on mobile), comes a whole new range of options for business. While it is a business channel that is new to many, it is the fastest growing way for a business to make sales and achieve sustainable commercial activity.

Chat Find has been growing and changing over the last few years, looking to build the perfect platform for business owners to grow their reach and build their business. This constant dynamism means Chat Find is on the precipice of industry trends, which has culminated in the latest update which allows professionals and businesses to set up a perfect M-Commerce platform at no cost.

We have been hard at work to create the most accessible M-Commerce platform possible, focusing on functionality, security and simplicity as our core pillars. Chat Find allows any business or professional to easily link a PayPal account and enable buying and selling within the Chat Find app. Using PayPal means you can make the safest, most secure payments possible, and pay and get paid internationally.

Chat Find offers the opportunity to create a free M-Commerce store, which can be set up by absolutely anyone. Businesses will no longer need to spend money on web-designers, mobile specialists or E-Commerce developers. Simply, set up a Chat Find profile and connect your PayPal to start selling your goods and services. We have made the sign-up and management very simple to make sure that small-to-medium sized businesses can keep up with the speed of the mobile market. Chat Find is looking to empower businesses to make more sales at no extra added cost.

People are browsing Chat Find all the time, looking for certain goods and services, but sometimes also just browsing to see what comes up in their news feeds. Chat Find uses a unique tag technology to make everything in the app searchable. By assigning tags to your posts, you can make your store or business inventory searchable. This means you will be able to build a detailed catalogue that people can explore. Whether you are selling clothing, artisanal food, vehicles or anything else, Chat Find has been built for all business types and models, ready to launch a new era of M-Commerce activity.

With 2017, will come the establishment of mobile as the most important tool in business. Chat Find hopes to lead the way in allowing businesses of all types and sizes to join the mix and open up another commercial stream using the most accessible M-Commerce platform available on the market.


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