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Chat Find is Perfect for the Holiday Season

It seems another year has flown by and 2016 has been a very interesting year for our users across the world. This year has been a big year for global politics, emerging-economies and a massive year for the tech industry.   It is the tech industry and its progressive development that interests us most. This […]

Smart Search: A New Way to Explore

The world around us is a diverse and interesting place, full of opportunity to explore and prospects to chase. Chat Find is essentially a microcosm of the world with businesses and people offering hundreds of different products, services and bites of information. To make sense of all of this, and to allow users to find […]

Millennials are Loving Chat Find

Young people get through every day with the help of apps and technology. From weather to events to finding a Friday night date, Millennials use their phones to access all facets of life. This is not a new trend, but it is a growing trend and one that seems like it will carry for some time […]